NZMPS is run by Doctors, not union officials.


- Zero party politics means lower fees for members.

- Workplace issues are resolved in a consultative manner.

- All member issues are completed and not left unresolved.

- Receive an initial response to your issue within one business day.


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 How We Can Help You 

Workplace Support

NZMPS's expert industrial advocate team provide support for a variety of workplace issues including industrial disputes, pay disputes, bullying and more.

Legal Representation

Membership for Doctors and Affiliate Options

Only Doctors may hold the status of member, however, other medical professionals may join as affiliates. Affiliates are unable to vote, become a delegate, or hold other official society positions.

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Collective Bargaining & Working Condition Advocacy

  • Skilled negotiation of Collective Agreements.
  • Advocacy on workplace policy, procedures and system change.
  • Advocating for workplace change by applying pressure to governments and employers through the media or political system.
Enterprise Bargaining

Zero Party Politics

No member funds can be used for any party-political purpose or to support any political party.

With no class wars to fight, no party political agendas to fulfil, no ideological barrows to push and no exorbitant executive salaries to pay, NZMPS is able to exclusively focus on asserting its members' interests.

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The New Zealand Medical Professionals' Society (NZMPS) is a union whose principal purpose is to protect and promote the interests of members in matters concerning their employment or professional engagement. No membership fees are used to support any political party, so we are able to source and/or provide representation for all members, on all issues.

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