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 Who we are 

The New Zealand Medical Professionals' Society (NZMPS) is a union whose principal purpose is to protect and promote the interests of members in matters concerning their employment or professional engagement. No membership fees are used to support any political party, so we are able to source and/or provide representation for all members, on all issues, better than our competitors. 

 What we believe 

The New Zealand Medical Professionals' Society (NZMPS) was formed by a group of doctors who want to provide an alternate voice. They had heard of the success of sister-organisations and wanted to join 10's of thousands of other workers who had decided to form independent associations under the NZ Unions banner.

NZMPS supports:

  • The primacy of the doctor/patient relationship, with Government bureaucrats being removed from the surgery room.
  • Making it easier for doctors to speak out publicly. 
  • Resisting Government coercion.
  • The ability to speak out about issues in health without fear of de-registration.
  • Resisting Government mandates.
  • Resisting Government agencies running roughshod over doctors in what they can prescribe and recommend.

NZMPS remains fully committed to defending your right to perform your work without unnecessary interference from Government bureaucrats and respects the enormous amount of medical training undergone to achieve this right.

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